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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rain In The Desert

Michael frequently gets up before I do and this morning was no exception.  I woke to rain on the roof and sudden flashes of light—for a moment I thought Michael was for some strange reason taking flash photographs in the living room!  But, no, it was lightening in the desert accompanied by thunder and rain, lots of rain.  It rained up until almost lunch time—a gentle, wonderful rain.

Jim decided to make green chile chicken stew in honor of the cooler weather and the rain—we all gathered at Jim and Ellie’s about 4pm.  As usual the food was delicious—Jim’s stew was great and so was Deb’s cornbread.  I made a fruit tart that was OK.   We sat and visited for a couple hours before coming home to see about our lonesome furkid.

I spent the day sewing—a much needed sewing fix.  Michael and Emmi took a walk when the rain stopped.  And, that is about it for our day.  Sunset was gorgeous tonight on all sides—the sun going down turned the clouds in all directions brilliant shades of pink and red.


IMG_5923 IMG_5924


  1. clouds always improve a sunset picture!..glad you made the most of your 'rainy' desert day!

  2. We had quite a bit of rain overnight, but by 8am it had stopped here. It was nice lying in bed last night listening to the rain hitting the roof. It was the first rain we've encountered since leaving Oregon back on December 31st.

    Nice sunset shots!

    (p.s. good luck on my draw tomorrow!)

  3. Hopefully all this rain many folks are having will bring forth many desert blooms. Still warm & dry here in southeastern Arizona.

  4. Beautiful sky photos. A little rain in the desert can mean some great spring blooms. Stay dry!


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