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Friday, February 18, 2011

We Are Stuck

I guess through the course of RV ownership getting stuck might happen, especially in our country with snow drifts.  Today we got stuck in a sand pile!!  Really, really stuck as in up to the axle. 

IMG_5903 IMG_5904 We were picking up the trailer at the owner’s house and place of business out in the Foothills of Yuma on a dead end street.  The road was gravel and sand—the entrance to the spot where the trailer was parked was a sharp left turn and we didn’t make the turn on the first try.  Michael backed the motorhome up to get a straighter approach to the gate and when he backed up, we sunk!! 

Good Sam to the rescue!  They sent a tow truck and we were back in business less than 2 hours after becoming stuck.  IMG_5905 Michael is very pleased with the trailer—it needs new rims and definitely needs new tires but all that is fixable! 

The weather man is forecasting an eighty percent chance for rain tonight and tomorrow.  This desert could use some moisture!



  1. Stuck! Definitely looks like it! Hooray for Good Sam... and glad the trailer worked out for you. :)

  2. Getting stuck...Ugh!! Glad you got out in a timely manner. :)

  3. Wow! I'll say you were stuck. Sand is sometimes worse than snow, I think as you just can't get rid of it.

    Glad the trailer deal worked out for you.

  4. I am assuming you are very happy you have 'good sam roadside assistance'!!..nice looking trailer!!..glad you made it back to the desert safe and sound!

  5. Always a sinking feeling inside to feel that sinking feeling outside. Luckily you were in an accessible area for the tow truck. I've heard it can get expensive when tow trucks have to come way out in the desert to retreive stuck boon dockers. So far we have been very lucky considering some of the places we have been.

  6. The axle was buried deep. You can now keep your tow vehicle clean with that trailer. Nice indeed.

  7. That is stuck! Glad you got out without damage!

  8. OOMMMPPHHH! That was STUCK! Even Stevio had to get up outta his chair to come and look at the pics when I told him what you guys did....

    So glad you got out again without a mishap.

    Tell Michael to stop playing with his toy cars and buses and trucks in the sandbox!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. I can't believe that little tow truck did the deed!! The last time We needed a tow, a monster truck showed up and picked the whole rear of our winnebago up in the air!
    Up the River David


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