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Friday, February 4, 2011

Garage Sales

Bouse held a community wide garage sale today and we were out early searching for treasures.  I found a pot to use as a birdbath—when we were camping on rifle ranges during our shooting sport days, we had all kinds of birds come to water in a pan I sat outside.  Michael found some pipe fittings, an antenna and a frame to use for one of his paintings.

Back home we ate a quick lunch and decided to take the Jeep up into the hills and then hike—found some old mines and lots of pretty rocks speckled with what looks like turquoise. 

Here is one reason not to get close to what is referred to as “jumping” cholla cactusIMG_5718 The chain fruit of this cactus separate from the cactus very easily, “jumping” onto unsuspecting passers-by including tires!IMG_5720 Here’s Michael performing surgery on our tires—we got two cholla fruits today in the tires. 

Tonight’s dinner was an absolute treat, Rollie grilled pork loin steaks and made jambalaya; Jim made “Clayton’s” beans; Deb made caesar salad and I provided the dessert—a sort of apple pie dutch baby.  It was once again warm enough to sit outside although we did adjourn to Rollie and Gina’s living room for dessert after the sun went down. 

It was 25 degrees here this morning but warmed up nicely and the temps are to continue rising hopefully making for a great Super Bowl watching day at Jim and Ellie’s on the outdoor TV.


  1. those jumping 'cholla cacti' look nasty! you have to worry about Emmi getting them in her paws or fur???

  2. Okay, read about your apple dessert on another blog - sure hoping you would share the recipe!!!

  3. Yup.. please share the recipe? Those chollas sound awful! I bet our long hair doggies are gonna have a tough time with them?

    Karen and Steve
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