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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Palm Trees and Crystals

About 9am today our little Jeep was rolling toward Gina’s idea of the perfect place—Crystal Hill.  My, my our Gina was in heaven, so many rocks, so little time!  We did spend about three hours there, hiking, climbing and searching for crystals but Gina is ready to go back.  No one found the perfect crystal but we all found some treasures to bring home.  Gina found a couple perfect tiny little crystals.IMG_5756 Good thing Gina forgot and left her rock pick at home.IMG_5758 IMG_5765 IMG_5769 When climbing around on top of one of the ridges, Michael noticed a windmill in the distance.  On leaving, we found the windmill--IMG_5777 pumping water for this wildlife watering cistern--IMG_5771 Then, we saw some wildlife—Michael was able to snap this photo of these three guys after they crossed the road in front of us--IMG_5783 Onward to Palm Canyon.  We hiked into Palm Canyon with Jim and Ellie last year and were so in awe.  We wanted to share that with Gina and Rollie—they weren’t disappointed.

IMG_5814 The palm trees are located up inside the shaded canyon—you can faintly see the road leading up to the parking area.

IMG_5797 A far off view of the palms and a close upIMG_5803 The canyon was very windy today and just a little on the cool side.  Hiking back to the car we headed toward home with one more stop—how’s that for a healthy supper???  IMG_5817 Back home we found out Deb and Rod are still without power and have an appointment in Quartzsite tomorrow to have a new inverter installed.  Ellie and Jim conquered the laundromat in Parker today.

Miss Emmi went along today and she is one pooped puppy tonight!


  1. Is it only possible to see Palm Canyon with a jeep or 4 wheel drive vehicle?

  2. thanks for the tour of Palm Canyon..too bad you didn't find any crystals that were large enough to take a picture of!..a tired dog is a happy dog!..way to go Emmi!!!

  3. Thanks just doesn't seem enough to say. Gina and I enjoyed our day with y'all. Gina has just spent the last two hours going through all her crystals that she collected today. She was acting like a little girl in a doll store. LOL I on the other hand am still amazed at the palm trees y'all showed me today. They will always remind Gina and I as a "Stairway to Heaven" absolutely beautifully. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for a wonderful day!!

    Love & Hugs
    Rollie & Gina

  4. Well, that is kinda coincidental because we were atop Crystal Hill exactly one year ago today as well:))

  5. The rocks looked interesting, but that 'dinner' looked fantastic whatever it was!

  6. We'll see you tomorrow! JoAnn, Doug & Fillmore

  7. Nice day followed by a low cal dinner, what could be better than that!

  8. Since you didn't say what it was, I assume it was very unhealthy!!!

  9. Wow.. what a fun day! Those palms are amazing.. how on earth did they get there?

    Your *meal* is sure to be delicious by the looks of it!

    Karen and Steve
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