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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Trip To Phoenix

Only people from Montana who are used to traveling 100 miles just to find a Costco would think about jumping in the motorhome at 8am and heading for Phoenix, 110 miles away but that’s exactly what we did this morning—taking Rollie, Gina and their two pooches with us.

Emmi’s world was turned upside down, not only were there two strange dogs in her motorhome but one of them (Zoey) had her duck!

We had the greatest time today—the main purpose of this trip was to look at a trailer for hauling the Jeep.  Michael also intends to use this trailer for mounting our solar panels and hauling all the other assorted paraphernalia  needed for a solar system.

We ran into the usual problem stemming from seeing photos on Craigslist someone took with the full intent of deceiving the potential buyer.  The trailer looked great in the photos, clean—nice paint job, had a sturdy, flat roof with a ladder up to the roof.  The owner touted the praises of the trailer.  In reality, the trailer was well used, the paint job on the other side not shown in the Craigslist photos showed where a business logo had been removed, the doors were flimsy, there was rust on the hitch, the tires were in bad shape, etc.  Certainly not worth any where near what the guy was asking, Michael offered him half of the asking price and of course he said “no.”  We are certain the owner will be keeping that trailer for a long time to come!

Not wanting to let this experience get us down, what did we do—we went shopping at our favorite store, Costco!  Got a few necessary things such as bottled water and wine.  Picked up a few things for Ellie and Jim too such as coffee. 

It was so much fun traveling in the motorhome together with the dogs!  And, the exciting part, Rollie got to drive!IMG_5711 And Michael did a superb job fighting that terrible wind and maneuvering us through outer Phoenix traffic even getting us into the Costco parking lot!!IMG_5708

Gina, the dogs and I just sat back and relaxed, literally!IMG_5707

IMG_5712 That flag tells the wind story today, oh, my was it ever blowing between this highway and the outskirts of Phoenix along I10.

When we got home Rollie and Gina came over, Rollie grilled some sausages he brought from Louisiana which we had with homemade bread.  Jim, Ellie, Rod and Deb went to Lake Havasu today where poor Rod spent 3 1/2 hours in the dentist chair—UGH!

Life is incredibly good!


  1. You and Gina look so comfy - that is the way to travel. Sorry the trailer was not the right one.

  2. What a howler wind! We did not envy anyone driving today in the wind, but it looked like you all had a ton of fun! I think we are just up the hill from you at the end of the driving track.

  3. Yup, that's my motto...when in doubt, go to Costco! I agree with your last line...yes, life is incredibly good.

  4. Sorry the trailer didn't pan out.. There is what sounds like a neat one For Sale on the SKP Forum....20' ft long and heavy duty like a car hauler needs to be. BUT, its somewhere in KY....A lot more than a days drive. Oh, it has the 5' tongue you need so it won't hit your MH when you turn. That's hard to find, but a very important item.
    Stay warm!

  5. Yup... the wind's been blowin' today... for a bit... thought for a while I might blow on over by you guys... whether I wanted to or not! :o)

  6. Life looks good - I can tell! It's always fun when a 'new' dog or 'dogs' invades the home of our dogs. Sometimes they just don't know how to react - it's fun watching them.

    Things are going to warm up there now!

  7. Sounds like you guys had a great day. That is really to bad about the trailer. We did the Costco run as well but we didn't have as far to drive as you.

    Take Care and keep warm


  8. love the picture of you and Gina..sitting back and relaxing! that is the way to travel!

  9. Sorry about the trailer but it looks like you had a fun day even with the "wind". It was 16 here last night. BRRRRR! Way too cold for AZ. Hope it warms up for you soon. Hugs............Pat

  10. What a life. Your RV looks so comfortable! :)

    I was at Costco last weekend and there was a large Class A at the edge of the parking lot. I SO wanted to knock on the door and say HI. Of course I didn't, but wondered if they have a blog, maybe someone I read.

  11. I certainly know the feeling, I can remember driving 3 hours one way just to have coffee and a visit with friends after work. But I sure didn't have a fancy ride like you guys got. lol

  12. What a delightful day! Even if the trailer didn't work out, you had a fun run and enjoyed yourselves.

    Karen and Steve
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