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Thursday, February 3, 2011


It was very cold this morning, our thermometer said 23 degrees.  We were slow getting up and slower still getting started on our daily hike—I think it was close to 11am when we left the rig.  We stopped and introduced ourselves to Kim and Don who arrived yesterday and they certainly followed desert etiquette, parking a long way from anybody!  We took off on our hike with promises to get together soon.

Michael decided to take Emmi and me on a desert death march as Ellie would say—I think we hiked over 7 miles today!!  When we finally got back to the rig at almost 1pm, I was ready for a nap!

Today was the day Michael decided to move the TV and DVD player.  He and Rollie this summer removed the old bulky TV and installed a flat screen TV in that spot which is located high over the driver’s chair.  With the original seating arrangements, couch and office chair with ottoman, the TV was in the right spot.  With the new theater seating style loveseat, the TV was definitely NOT in the right spot, major neck problems would result in trying to watch TV from the loveseat.  And while we are not TV watchers, we don’t even have a TV in our Montana home, we still like to watch movies out here in the desert especially when we have access to Thurston Blockbuster (Rollie and Gina’s movie collection).  So, I gave up a cabinet and now we can watch movies in comfort with the TV right across from us high up in the cabinet. 

Ellie stopped by around 3pm and invited us to happy hour at their rig—I made stovetop popcorn while Michael was finishing up the TV business and off we went.  An enjoyable hour spent with good friends. 

Back home I fixed a quick dinner of quesadillas and now we are loading up a movie, Blind Side and relaxing for the evening.

Michael remarked a while ago as he was looking out the window, “what more could you want?”  It is so quiet and still out here, nothing but stars at night, perfect.



  1. Nice to have friends around to help with things like that. :)

  2. looks like you have it all!! more needs necessary! the movie The Blindside!!...hope you enjoyed it too!!

  3. What more could you want? Perhaps some warmer weather, but heck, that's coming too so you've got everything you need - same as us!!

    Nice to see Kim and Don have made contact out there in the desert!

  4. Sounds like a great hike, I miss the wide open spaces here I am walking the streets, although there isn't much traffic I was charged by a pack of Chihuahua dogs today. No word of a lie there was five of them charging out to run me out of the neighbourhood. Luckily it was Megs day off or she would have had Hors d'œuvre.

  5. Curious about your loveseat unit... what is the brand? does the center console piece flip back to make it a straight couch?

    I know what you mean about the tv being on the wrong side if you sit on it.. we are thinking of replacing our couch with something like that unit, but then our tv would be wrong too.

    If we put that unit on the opposite wall, it might work, thinking thinking...

    Our rig originally had two couches, and we took one out for the euro chair and ottoman. But thinking the two recliners in a love seat is more sensible?

    Karen and Steve
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