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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Bittersweet Day

Gina and Rollie arrived this afternoon and even before we got a phone message from Rollie saying  “We are going to park close to you guys because we are not unhooking,” we knew they were probably not staying.  It is the kind of people Gina and Rollie are—Uncle Jim died and they need to go home to Louisiana and off they go.  Our hearts are so heavy and sad but we understand and pray that God grants them safe travels and peace in their hearts.  We had the pleasure of meeting Uncle Jim while in Louisiana in December. 

It has been a tough week for Gina and Rollie, first to say goodbye to their son Thomas as he deploys to Afghanistan then Thomas was no sooner gone than they received the phone call about Uncle Jim.  Both their daughters, Ashley and Nicole are on their way to Louisiana, too.  May God watch over them all as they travel.

IMG_5976 here they come!

IMG_5979 OK, Gina, I did you a favor—the photo with you showing your face was not flattering—so, no post, are you listening Rollie?? 

This is a Service Flag I made for Gina and Rollie—the Service Flag can be flown by immediate family of service men and women during times of war.  The blue star represents each service member, the gold star imposed over the blue star signifies a family member who has died as a result of conflict or has died while in service.  The upper blue star is for Thomas, the lower blue/gold star is for their son Rollie who died while serving in the Navy.

We enjoyed an awesome travel day dinner at Jim and Ellie’s tonight—Jim grilled pork chops, Deb made macaroni and cheese and I made Laurie’s roasted brussel sprouts/carrots/onions/pears. 

We are sorry Gina and Rollie’s time here in the desert was cut short but know we will meet again soon—we wish them safe travels.


  1. hugs to you travels to Gina and Rollie as they head to Louisiana...they are very lucky to have you as friends!

  2. Jan! How very sweet of you! I am holding back tears at the thoughtfulness and effort you went to in order to make the service flag! I know it was for my parents and they appreciate it, but I feel like it was a gift to me as well because I know they will fly it proudly it home where I will get to enjoy it! Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and quilt! Nicole

  3. What a sweet post! My parents have been so fortunate to meet such wonderful people during their travels. I absolutely LOVE the service flag. How special!

  4. Looks like you did a beautiful job on the Service Flag, Janna. What a very thoughtful gift. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Such a heartfelt blog. Thank you doesn't seem enough for the love you and Michael have shown Rollie and I. The Service Flag will be displayed with pride and will always be a reminder to us of the love that was sewn in each stitch. We will always cherish it as well as your friendship. God Bless you and we love you both!!!

    Gina & Rollie

  6. Janna....what a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the kids. We are so thankful they have friends like you. I know they will cherish the Service Flag and fly it proudly. If only we had more "Rollie and Ginas" in this world....what a wonderful place it would be.
    We are saddened they have to leave us so soon and we have shed our share of tears. We pray that God will wrap their whole family in his loving arms and get them all safely home.
    God Bless you for your kindness....


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