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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Parker 425 Desert Race and Shooting

We woke to the sound of high pitched motors and when looking outside, this is what you could see:

IMG_5722 That’s a cloud of dust out there!IMG_5721 The Parker 425 is a yearly event, a desert race running three 142 mile laps for hours, even after nightfall.  The race winners share a large purse $$$!  One truck noted in the race runs a 750hp gas engine, top speed of about 120mph!  Here at almost 6pm, you can still hear some high pitched whining going on out there in the dust clouds, needless to say, the late running outfits won’t be sharing in the purse!

Michael and Rollie made a run for water today; Gina and I went to the library, I want to read the last book in the Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo series which is still on the best sellers list and still in hardback.  Which means it costs more to download to my Kindle.  Bouse has an excellent library and allow winter visitors a library card—I put the book on hold today.  This series of books written by a 40ish man from Sweden has held my interest more than any book has in a long time—I couldn’t put the first two books down and am really looking forward to the third and final.  The author of these books died way too young and before realizing that his books were best sellers.  Sad.

This afternoon we all gathered for a shooting match—really it was just all in fun, for practice and to gain a comfort level with guns.  It’s been a couple years since Michael and I have shot guns—we left the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting several years ago but we learned today—we haven’t forgotten how!  Ellie is new to shooting and let me tell you, she has been taught the right way—she is safe, knows her gun and is deadly accurate!!  Gina even let us get her in on the shooting and she also can hit her targets!  We killed a bunch of paper plates and water bottles.IMG_8214 IMG_8129 IMG_8139 IMG_8167 IMG_8176 IMG_8182

Tonight we are all snug in our own rigs, relaxing.  Michael hardly ever requests I make a particular thing to eat, he eats whatever I decide to cook but this afternoon he requested pico de gallo—so that’s what we had!


  1. sorry to hear about the 'noise' in your little piece of heaven! for the dragon them all and loved every one of I am having a hard time reading anything else that actually peaks my interest!..I did just finish the bride quartet set of four by Nora Roberts..fluffy that is for sure!..great job on the shooting range today!!!

  2. Janna - I have the first book - come and get it! - Kim

  3. Last time I fired a hand gun was 1965. D'ya think I might be a little out of practice....

  4. We'll BE BAAACK!!

    Once we get everything straightened out here and work on getting a FHU or two set up.

  5. Thanks Janna & Mike for being excellent teachers today. Being that this was my first time to ever shoot or hold a gun. You both calmed my nerves and made my first experience a very enjoyable one.

    Love Y'all

  6. Jamie and I are going to take a class with Nathan next to learn to shot a pistol. We are looking forward to it.

  7. Target shooting is always fun, and those plates and bottle are not on the endangered list.


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