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Monday, February 7, 2011

Off To The Big City

Gina and I took off about 8am for Parker to do laundry and shop for groceries.  Just love (if that is possible) the new laundromat we found this year, big, clean, lots of machines, change machine that works and free wi-fi!!  Today an earlier customer had left a box of fresh lemons from a tree in his yard, free for the taking, Gina and I helped ourselves to a few.

Wal Mart was a zoo and Gina and I discussed how difficult it would be to live permanently in a snowbird location!  Way too many people all at once!  Parker’s Wal Mart leaves a lot to be desired—by name it is a supercenter but management hasn’t figured out how to keep the shelves stocked and the inventory is definitely lacking!

Mike and Emmi took a five mile hike then Rollie and Michael took off on the 4-wheeler for an extended ride.  Both guys forget a camera.

During the day at various times all the guys tried to help Deb and Rod deal with their power issues.  Here at 8pm at night they are still unable to get 110 power.  A repair facility may be the order of the day tomorrow.

Gina and Rollie came for dinner—I had thawed some chicken and made those chicken/onion/tomato/pepper kabobs again.  Roasted some white potatoes as well as sweet potatoes and Gina supplied the cauliflower.  I got a Betty Crocker wild hair today and baked a cream cheese pound cake and made a Creamy Lemonade Pie which is in the freezer.  We had the pound cake with fresh strawberries for dessert. 

Another great day in the desert! 

A couple people have asked in the blog comments for the recipe I used Friday night—the apple pie kind of thing I cooked in an iron skillet.  Michael and I both did not care for the pie—it was not very tasty and was kind of rubbery so I don’t think I will share that recipe. 

Karen asked about our loveseat, they are considering other seating arrangements in their Safari motorhome.  No, Karen, the loveseat is just that, it seats two people and does not convert to a full couch.  I can’t remember the brand but it was not expensive.  We love being able to sit across from our TV instead of craning our necks around.

Sue and Doug asked if the cholla cactus get in Emmi’s paws.  Yes they do if she walks too close to one.  She will just stop walking and hold up the offending paw until we get to her and pull the cholla.  We try to pick paths where there aren’t many cholla and we watch the ground—if we come to a place where there are lots of cholla, we pick Emmi up and carry her—she only weighs 11lbs.  Now, for Tucker, the cholla could be a problem in all that hair a golden has plus he is definitely too big to carry!



  1. thanks for the 'cholla lesson', Janna!..Tucker will appreciate it when he has the opportunity to be running in the desert!!..yes, he has lots of hair..and he weighs too much to carry!!..almost 80 pounds!!
    when we were in Osoyoos two summers ago..we had our own version of the 'cholla's..nasty little things..I even found one in a blanket a few months back!..little thing hitched a ride home!!

  2. Okay.. skip the apple pie recipe and instead how about the one for the Creamy Lemonade Pie?

    Steveio drinks lemonade by the gallon and he might like that!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. You can tell you've been in the desert for a while when you start referring to Parker as "the big city"!!

    Looks like everyone is managing to keep busy and active there and eating good for sure!

  4. That's our Gina!!! I've never seen a girl any happier than Gina in a "pile of rocks". Sounds like you had a great day. Hugs to all....Pat


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