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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wood Cutting

To have seen my husband today one would have never known he was so ill less than a month ago.  He felled nine huge dead pine trees on the property belonging to our friends Robyn and Claire--At Robyn and Claire's in October Not a bad view for cutting firewood is it?  We left the logs in 12 foot lengths, loaded them into our dump trailer with the mini-excavator and hauled them home.  Michael will cut them into firewood lengths as we need the wood.  It was my job to pile all the trimmed limbs—I may not be able to walk tomorrow!

After firewood cutting we rushed into town to take some things to our insurance agent to be mailed today and had coffee with Jill at Cinnabar Creek.  We stopped by our local gas station whose owner is running for county commissioner—I made him smile when I wrote a check for his campaign and picked up a sign to go on our fence down by the road.  Davas Halloween decorations Our neighbor Dava likes to celebrate the seasons and it makes my day when I drive by their place and see these guys grinning back at me—one year Dava decorated hay bales for every major holiday—we always look forward to seeing what she comes up with. 

It is only 7pm but I am certain I hear my bed calling me!


  1. Glad to hear Mike is feeling so much better! Nothing like a wood fire to keep you warm. :)

  2. Heating with wood warms you more than once ☺ That's a nice load of wood you got today, wish it was at my house!!!

  3. That's quite a load of wood for one day, there are going to be some sore 'limbs' tomorrow!

  4. Glad Mike is feeling better. I love the pumpkin faces on the bales.


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