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Monday, October 18, 2010

Off To Livingston

I woke several times in the night thinking of Bruce, Margie and Annie—rest in peace Bruce and Margie and may your family find comfort in their faith.

It is another beautiful day in Montana although on the cool side at 20 degrees when we got up.  Parts of Montana are known for the wind—just ask JB and Brenda.  In Friday’s blog I mentioned milkshakes at the Judith Gap Mercantile.  JB left a comment stating they would have to try one of those milkshakes—can’t believe they would ever want to go near that part of Montana again.  Sure hope they plan on stopping in to see us if they come through Montana on their way south this fall.

I am off to Big Timber and Livingston with an errand list a mile long and a meeting scheduled for 5:30 in Livingston. 

October view October view2

And just look what my garden grew and my name isn’t Mary—remember I pulled my tomato plants a few weeks ago when it looked like the temps might drop below freezing.  We hung the plants upside down in a cool, dark basement room--My tomato crop I didn’t grow the pumpkin, Wal Mart did.

OK, home from the meeting, didn’t get all the errands accomplished—one took a little/lot longer than I expected—oh, well, tomorrow is another day.


  1. We are suckers for punishment and if the weather holds we are planning on crossing the border first thing in the morning on the 4th of November and then making our way to Billings enroute to somewhere warm. Depending on the winds in Harlowtown we would love to head straight south into Big Timber and maybe fit in a coffee or something. Failing that Rollie showed us where you were holed up last winter near Bouse and we are heading that direction after the New Year.

  2. Your tomatoes look great! You are the busiest lady - cooking, cleaning, gardening, quilting, visiting, road trips. Whew. I wish I had your energy.

  3. Only you and my mom can still grow tomatoes this time of year!

  4. Yup, we are on the very end of our tomatoes too... I think we have four or five left. Had them on tacos tonight, yummmmm

    Goodbye to luscious garden tomatoes until we meet again your sweetness and freshness next summer.

    Hell to icky pinky mushy tasteless lumps of storebought tomatoes.

    Karen and Steve
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