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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Quilt Retreat Day 2

On the first night away from home I never sleep well and last night was no exception--I am in a top bunk above my friend Jeane, she didn’t sleep well either as my tossing and turning kept her awake.  But we were both up and at them early this morning.  It took me all day and half the night but I finished all the blocks for Ellie’s quilt—YIPPEE!!! 

We’ve all had a great day of sewing, laughing and eating again.  Look what the wonderful cooks here at this resort provided for brunch--Brunch Here are some of the projects the ladies are in the processing of completing:Barb's Christmas Tree Napkins Barb’s Christmas tree napkins.

Mary's Nara Gardens Mary’s Nara’s Garden

Tonight we had a Mexican food buffet and I was elected to make margaritas—my famous buttermilk margaritas—and no one could guess the secret ingredient—buttermilk!

Donna, Linda and Jane   Donna, Jane and Linda enjoying their margaritas.  The owners of the resort provided the decorations including the hats!Me And me enjoying my margarita. 

The fish tacos, enchiladas, rice and beans were excellent—the bread pudding was to die for.  We are all ready to waddle off to bed!

On a more somber note, one of our members was unable to join us yesterday but arrived today.  Shortly after Jill’s arrival, her cell phone rang with news that one of the long time, well loved members of our community had been killed in a horse accident, Wyoma, rest in peace and may your family find comfort in their faith. 


  1. sorry to hear about your is short..we seem to be learning that this year..take care and enjoy the retreat with your quilting buddies..building memories..looks like great fun is being had by all!!!

  2. Buttermilk Margaritas?? Did Gina get to try one of those? I like Margaritas but I'm not sure about the buttermilk. :-) I'd be willing to try one though...everyone there seemed to be enjoying them.
    Have fun and enjoy your quilting buddies. Hugs..........Pat

  3. Yes, enjoy your friends! Life can be short. :(

  4. Janna, I'm sorry about your friend, life is precious and just too short.

    About the buttermilk margaritas, yummy - even though I was a bit hesitant at first!

    Yay on the quilt squares. Hope all goes well from there.

  5. So sorry about your friend.

    Despite all the quilting Paulette does, I can't comment much on them, but I can say that breakfast looks terrific - I am an expert on food!!

  6. Looks like you girls had a "kick up your heels" good time. So sorry about Wynona. Makes me appreciate every moment I'm alive. Blessings, K

  7. It's good to do what you like while you can. Life can be over without warning. I'm sorry for your loss.
    I love those Christmas napkins. Wish I could make some.


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