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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Window Washing and A Party

There are a lot of September birthdays in our family--mine, Katie’s, her new husband Michael’s and then my Michael’s is just after the first of October.  Lonn and LoraLee decided to host a combination party—Laci is home before she heads to Italy for two years and a birthday party.  We had a great evening and outstanding food—Lonn grilled filet mignon steaks and they were so good!  For dessert we had one of Michael’s favorites—Costco chocolate cake—YUM.  We all waddled home, stuffed!  Laci & Granddad This is a photo of Laci showing her great grandfather one of her awards she has received in the USAF lately.  She and Nat have a special relationship—she lived with Nat during the school year her junior and senior years of high school.  Thursday she went into town and took Nat to lunch in uniform so he could see her all dressed up—a complete stranger couple across the aisle from them picked up their lunch tab—how cool is that!!

LoraLee finally has her cast off from her injury in June and subsequent surgery in July.  She can bear a small amount of weight now but the rest of the time has to use her crutches or little scooter cart.  LoraLee looked and sounded better last night than she has since the accident happened in June!

It has been a while since my poor house got any attention—yesterday was the day, I even washed windows a task I hate!  Have a few more to wash today and the house looks so much better.  Michael worked on getting a hitch installed on the new Jeep—I promise to post a photo of the Jeep tonight!


  1. I never cared for window washing either, but I sure enjoyed the results! :)

  2. I'll be waiting for that picture. I just want to see what we'll be riding through the desert in. Just kidding!!

    Miss y'all
    Rollie & Gina

  3. The Birthday Party sounded like fun and what a beautiful picture of Laci and her Great Grandfather. That is a real treasure. And thanks to the couple who picked up their tab for lunch. What a beautiful gesture.

  4. What a great photo of them together!

    I read about a movement of any time you see on of our servicemen or women in uniform, if you can pick up the tab, pay their admission, or help out a tiny bit as a symbol of gratitude for all they have done for our country. I want to do that, but I have yet to see anyone out and about, we don't get out too often other than camping in the woods!

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