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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Show Begins

The Peace By Piece Quilt Guild’s bi-annual quilt show kicked off this morning at 8am.  Emmi and I were out in the dark this morning before I headed over to the kitchen.  By 4pm when we closed the kitchen doors, I was again totally beat.

There are so many absolutely gorgeous quilts it was hard to vote, very hard!  This one was my all out favorite:PxP Lone Star

PxP Lone Star Detail3 Look at the detail the quilter stitched into every inch of this quilt and it wasn’t on a longarm—she does all her quilting on a sewing machine!!PxP Lone Star Detail2

PxP Show Dbl Wedding Ring This was my next most favorite—the colors are my colors.  The quilting on this quilt was just gorgeous.PxP Dbl Wedding Ring Detail Tomorrow I want to wander among the quilts before I get so exhausted I am seeing double!  Every time I walk through the quilts I see something new.  And the vendors have all sorts of wonderful, wonderful stuff.  Paulette from Sweet P Quilting and Creations does a lot of work with wool, wool such as men’s suits she has purchased at garage sales—she then felts the wool and hand dyes it turning out these gorgeous pieces of fabric for use in her wool stitchery pieces.  Paulette inspired me and I purchased two kits today to make what I think these wool stitchers refer to as pennies.  It looks like great stuff to do while Michael is driving us down the highway in the motorhome.

PxP quilting lady This quilt was so whimsical and had a tremendous amount of detail.PxP quilting lady detail

Cooking crew Here is a photo of some of my great cooking crew—those girls worked hard today and I appreciated their help so much—one more day of serving food—should be a lighter day today.

Michael and Emmi spent the day taking walks, napping and doing sudoku. 


  1. I just showed your post to Paulette and she was thrilled to see that you mentioned her in your blog - so, thank you! Those quilts look pretty good - even to me!

  2. Hi Janna!
    You are so sweet! I hope you enjoy working with wool!! You will have to share your penny rugs when you are finished! I would I love to see them!! Take care and happy stitching!

  3. I love quilt shows! These are beauties. How in the world did she do all that quilting on a sewing machine??? What a job. But I guess that's how it used to be done, only I suppose not so intricate? Makes me miss my quilting classes.

  4. I thought you would be so tired that you wouldn't have time to enjoy the actual quilt show. Those quilts are gorgeous. I especially like the one that had 'your colors' - very pretty. You are making me want to learn how to quilt. Looking forward to more quilt photos.

  5. I'd sure like that top quilt on my bed in the rig! :)


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