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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Quilt Retreat Day 1

It took us a while to get to Red Lodge today, too many quilt stores and restaurants on the way!  We stopped in Absarokee at the Cloud Nine Quilt Store and then drove to just outside Red Lodge and the Washoe Quilt Shop, one of my favorites.

Then to Cafe Regis for lunch/brunch and finally about 1:30pm we arrived at the Medicine Flower Lodge.  You would have thought we were all moving in for the duration as much stuff as we unloaded!  By 2:30, we were all concentrating, sewing away.  I ran into a snag right off the bat—Ellie’s quilt directions didn’t quite connect but a couple of phone calls later to Ellie while she is languishing on the beach and we are back in business. 

I noticed that Barb who is sitting next to me was rattling around, searching and searching for something, I asked, “what did you lose?”  The answer, “my quarter inch pressure foot.”  Well, this is serious, how do you make a nice 1/4 inch seam with no 1/4 inch pressure foot.  I helped her look, she went completely through her bin of fabric and projects, shook things out, searched everywhere, the foot had been laying on the front of her machine, now it was gone.  Someone said, “did you look in your pockets?”  And about that time Barb started laughing and here is where she found her pressure foot-- Barb's foot

She is wearing one of those supposed to help your aches and pains magnetic bracelets and the foot attached itself to her bracelet.  Gave us all our first huge laugh for the day.

Donna's project1 Donna's project2

This was Donna’s little project for us, a napkin that when folded looks like a Christmas tree—it would be really cute in Christmas fabric!

Jane concentrating hard The quilting gang

Jane is concentrating very hard trying to machine quilt and the rest of the gang is just sewing away.  Dinner was delicious as usual and now we are all back hard at work on our various projects. 


  1. I'm glad we got the first issue solved, hope we don't run in to many of those snags, but when you're dealing with a craft-deficient customer like me, you just never! I'm glad Michael is doing well enough for you to attend the retreat!


  2. Looks like fun! Funny story about the magnetic bracelet. I like the little napkin, a bunch of those would make a great Christmas gift!

  3. OMG, now the pressure foot and magnet is histerical.

    Years ago I had magnatized sun glass clips for my glasses. I don't need to wear them all the time so I lay them on my desk. My daughter stopped by and we headed out to lunch on day and in the restaurant parking lot, she said "Mom, look at me. OMG, seriously?" and laughing the whole time. Finally, she told me to take my glasses off, thats when I noticed the huge paper clip that was dangling off the magnet on the side of my glasses. LOL

    Have a great time,

  4. Wow!! I am drooling...with the first mention of Quilt Shops...then a workshop luck are you!! Keep taking pictures...I'll be back tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing...sigh...


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