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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cabela’s Then Downtown

Cloudy skies this morning, a switch from our recent sunny weather but still warm.  We took a walk then began getting the motorhome ready for departure.  Michael finished wiring the Jeep lighting and was successful.  I loaded some food items and a few clean clothes and we were off. 

The hospital security office at St. Vincent’s had told me that it was best to try and enter the parking lot where RV’s were allowed after 5pm—it would be less crowded and we would stand a better chance of scoring a parking space next to one of the electric hookups.  So, we drove to Cabela’s where they have excellent RV parking, unhooked the Jeep and went to get my hair cut along with a couple other errands.  About 6pm we drove downtown to find the hospital parking lot mostly empty—allowing us to park with ease right next to the electric meter.  After parking we took Emmi for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.  I cooked up the spaghetti sauce I had made at home and we enjoyed a delicious supper. 

I had a comment last night from “mhiemer”—she was commenting on Ivan Doig’s book, Bucking the Sun, about the building of the Fort Peck Dam which we recently visited.  It made me want to re-read the book which I probably read when I first married Michael 16 years ago.  Went downstairs and found my copy and was quickly hooked—thanks “mhiemer.”

Tomorrow we see the first doctor at 1:45pm—may things go well for Michael. 

Us at SVI Here we are in the parking lot at the hospital.  That pole in the center of the photo has a big huge night light on top—sure wish there was an on/off switch for that light—it shines right down through our bathroom skylight!


  1. My best wishes will be with Michael tomorrow.
    The moon shining through the hatch in our bedroom of the 5th wheel used to bug me too. I cut a piece of cardboard the size of the hatch and pushed it up in the hatch. No more moon !!

  2. Good thing you mentioned about that light pole. I thought it was your CB aerial:)) A street light shining down would bug me too....but never the Moon. All the best to Michael in his upcoming hospital tests. Won't be long & he will be able to milk chickens again.

  3. We'll be praying for Michael today and waiting anxiously to hear what the doctors have to say. Hugs........Pat

  4. Hi Jana & Mike, I stopped in for a visit from Mona's Montana Girl blog and thorough enjoyed reading your posts. We thought of getting an ERV for some of our road trips, but then realized we would not use it enough to justify the expense. Currently we are on our first road trip to Maine from our home on the VA eastern shore. And we also Jeep owners (Liberty & Cherokee) but Grenville always talks about a red ruby Wrangler (goo thing yours is white!). Please feel free to srop in for a visit to our blog. We really enjoy visits and comments at:
    Hope the tests go well for Michael.

  5. Hope all goes well for Michael today!!

  6. Your home looks so sparkly - the interior lights I guess. Love ya.

  7. Happy Birthday Michael
    Danny & Ann

  8. Our prayers are with Michael this morning as he is under going some tests. We want to wish Michael a Happy Birthday!!! The best present will be that all the tests are good for Michael. We are also praying for you Janna, that the Lord will give you strength and peace of mind that all will be fine. We love you both so much, Gina & Rollie

    Great looking combination sitting there!!!

  9. Wishing Michael a Happy Birthday and sending many prayers for both of you!

    The new motor home and jeep look great!

    Hugs to you both.


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