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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Are Home

The surgeon came around just after 7am this morning and said Michael could go home when he was ready but not to rush “things” if you catch my drift.  So, just a little after noon we were heading out the door.  By the time we stopped at Wal Mart with me rushing in and Michael sitting in the truck—picking Emmi up at Nat’s, and getting fuel for the truck, we hit home around 3pm. 

Michael is sitting/sleeping in his chair and there is one happy little dog keeping him companyOne happy little dog For those of you who know my husband well—have you ever seen him wear anything but Wranglers???  Those are sweat pants he is wearing, I promised not to post a full photo, only his legs! 

Emmi was berserk when we got to Nat’s, howling, jumping all over us, I think the poor thing missed her Mom and Dad!

Hospital rooms are good for something:Hospital room project I almost finished this little wool project—Paulette, what do you call these little things??  Don’t look too close at my stitching—this was a first for me but I am totally hooked!

It is so good to be home, we are certain Michael will get a little bit better each day and soon we will be thinking of heading south.


  1. Great news...give Michael our love. Now YOU rest a bit!!

  2. Ah, I thought I heard Emmi, now I know why! I know you are ALL extremely happy to be home. Rest, relax, recover! Arizona calls!

  3. Great to hear that both of you are home. Hopefully Mike will be back to normal soon.
    I love that little "whatever it is called." It looks so cheerful.

  4. Take a breath, and relax, both of you! :)

  5. Everyone's home and happy - that's great! Hope Michael's 100% soon.

    I think your stitches look very nice and even. What is it? Too small for a place mat, too big for a coaster. I can't think of anything else.


  6. Hi Janna!!
    I love your Penny Rug!! I can't believe that it is your first attempt at wool work!! Very nice and yes I took a close look at your stitches (couldn't help myself!! :o)) and they are perfect!! Well done!! So what's your next project?
    I can see that you are going to have to stop at every Thrift Shop in your travels...and look for wool coats, pants and skirts...which then leads to the dye pot...see this process never ends..Happy stitching!!

  7. Have you told Michael about that cord of wood that needs to be split first thing in the morning......

  8. glad Michael is home again..nice pants!!..happy pants is what we call those at our house..ours are plaid..mine are pink and black and Doug's are black plaid!!...we love them!!!
    take it easy and relax for a few days!!

  9. Michael looks very comfortable in his sweat pants. Mike's an old cowboy, too, but he loves his sweat pants (in the house) for relaxing. Enjoy your "down time" with Michael and Emmi....then get ready to head for warmer weather.

  10. I'm glad the worst is over now and the healing process begins.

    Hopefully, Michael will heal quickly and without too much pain, and get back to the things he enjoys doing.


  11. We're so glad Michael is on the mend. As Ellie said: "Arizona is calling!" Hope to see you there!

  12. Great news!!! Been thinking of you guys!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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