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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scrambling Around

That’s what I did all day except for the two hour nap I took, scramble around.  Michael thinks he can cope with Emmi for company while I attend my quilt retreat this weekend.  So, I scrambled around getting all my things gathered together—it’s a good thing we have a big truck!

When I got up this morning, thought I was coming down with something—thinking I caught a cold from someone in the hospital.  At lunch time I was fairly miserable and laid down, 2 hours later Emmi set up a huge fuss—Lonn and LoraLee had come over to see about Michael.  Tonight I feel much better, maybe it is just allergies which I get this time of year.

Michael is sore and a little slow on his feet but continuing to improve.  The surgeon called today and told us the tumor was malignant but of the non-invasive kind just like he thought.   So, that was good news. 

Our weather has definitely taken a turn toward winter, cloudy with a blustery, cold wind all day.  We did get out and take a couple short walks.

New snow on the Crazies The Crazy Mountains have a new blanket of snow.

I am taking the laptop and will post a blog with photos of all the cool projects I am sure the quilters will be working on!


  1. Travel safe and have a good time, you know I will be looking for pictures!

  2. have fun at the retreat!..can't wait to read all about it!!

  3. Thank goodness Michael went in and had the tumor taken out.
    Have a great time! I'm looking forward to seeing photos, too.

  4. Me, too!!! :-) Glad Michael got a good report. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the Quilt retreat!

  5. Great news - full speed ahead now!


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