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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Finished that Thimbleberry quilt for Marti today—hip, hip hooray!!  Took me most of the day in between coming upstairs to switch clothes from washer to dryer.  One of these days I am going to count how many times in a day I go up and down the stairs—a lot!

In spite of my discouraging him, Michael decided to use the chain saw today and cut some smaller aspen trees.  He also used the skidsteer to pick up the wood and haul it—he put the wood downstairs so I can use it in the downstairs stove.  Tonight he says he is more tired than he should be for so little work but only a little sore.

It was 20 degrees this morning and my deck planters are done—frost on the pumpkin, everywhere.

I made a wonderful beef stew for lunch and tonight we are snacking on homemade bread—no wonder we can’t lose any weight!

bear marks2 See the marks on these aspen trees??  Those are the marks made by the bear Michael and Emmi surprised last Thursday evening.  And we have discovered the situation could have gotten really bad—the bear was dining on a deer carcass underneath some heavy undergrowth.  Most bears don’t like to have their meals disturbed!!bear marks

Tomorrow we are off to Billings, more tests and doctor appointments for Michael.  Should be nice weather and we can take the little car.

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  1. That's scarey about the bear. Do you carry anything to defend yourselves, just in case? A little spray in your pocket, or something?


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