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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Quick Trip To Billings

For us it was a quick trip—left here just before 7am and we were back in Big Timber retrieving Emmi at Nat’s before 3pm!  Michael’s test went well, we won’t know any results for a few days but we expect it to be nothing.

We pre-registered at the hospital for Monday’s surgery and had a delightful young nurse named Abby run Michael through the paces of pre-surgery.  She was funny, matter of fact and just plain nice. 

When we asked what time the surgery was on Monday she grimaced and said, “I don’t know.”  Now, I was an operating room nurse all my adult career—when a doctor’s office schedules a surgery with the operating room for any given day, the doctor’s office is given a time.  The pre-operative department of any hospital also has that time. 

Well, thanks to our absolutely wonderful Senator Baucus from Montana and his health care bill drafting cronies with their hands in the pockets of the big insurance companies—now, any person needing surgery has to be pre-approved by their insurance company before the surgery can technically be scheduled.  The insurance companies are overwhelmed and Abby said she had patients “scheduled” for surgery on Friday, as in tomorrow, who still didn’t know what time they were to report to the hospital.  Sure makes it hard to plan anything Mr. Baucus!  I guess the poor folks that don’t have insurance know  what time their surgery is scheduled????

The weather was perfect today, we took the car and came home with the top down, not bad for October weather!

East Boulder Valley in Oct East Boulder Valley, Boulder River and a whole lot of deer eating Stuart’s hay crop!


  1. Hope the surgery goes well...assuming you finally get a scheduled time. Geez!

  2. Oh so sorry this is a trial!
    As for the health care agitation, you couldn't have written it more aptly. We're all going to have to deal with this mess.


  3. Us poor folks who don't have insurance also don't have surgery and stay away from doctors if we're concious enough to have any say-so. The so-called "health" bill isn't going to help anyone who already can't afford insurance on their own or who don't have it through an employer.


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