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Friday, October 8, 2010

First Day

Whew—I have a new found respect for caterers and restaurant workers.  I am exhausted!  Standing on your feet on concrete floors for seven hours straight is dang hard work!

But, we have all the meat cooked ready to warm and serve tomorrow—on the menu for the Peace By Piece Quilt Guild quilt show is barbeque beef on bun, taco salad, hotdogs and homemade pies.  The coffee urns are loaded and ready to plug in bright and early tomorrow morning—coffee with big, huge, gooey homemade cinnamon rolls, I can’t wait! 

The quilts are all hung, over 200 of them and I am in awe—I will take lots of photos tomorrow—the quilts are spectacular. 

Michael spent the day in the motorhome resting.  He did install another towel bar in the potty room—the coach only had one towel bar outside the shower.  And he joined a Country Coach internet forum and researched our roof leak around the air conditioner and tried the fix most people on the forum used.  He also found that almost all Country Coach motorhomes have entry door problems—the doors don’t seal while traveling down the road and are incredibly noisy—he found an easy fix for that and is going to try it.  You would think that a coach whose basic model retailed for over $300,000 brand new would have doors that fit—sure glad we didn’t buy a new one!!

We are off to have dinner with Gwen and Arch tonight at the Rib and Chop, hope I can stay awake!

Our view Some photos of our spot at the Livingston fairgrounds.  Our spot

Octagan Barn Octagon log barn at the fairgrounds.


  1. Janna, my Daddy said they would be sending prayers for Michael's recovery. I hope he has an easy surgery and recovery.

  2. Hope the medical problems clear up soon. Would you mind posting the quick fix for the noisy door so my wife can on ours. Thanks

  3. Good luck with the Quilt Show. If we were in the area, I know for sure Paulette would be hustling over to see it and I'd be standing in line for that great food you have!


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