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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Drive Up The Boulder

Another beautiful fall day—just gorgeous, warm and sunny.  We took a long walk then I started cooking—I made six dozen cookies, some for Nat and some to freeze.  Nat came for lunch and I made a homemade chicken pot pie that was to die for—very good, Michael was impressed!cookies

Took Marti’s Thimbleberry Safe Haven quilt off the frame--Marti Thimbleberry Safe Haven Marti Thimbleberry bird house detail

and loaded one for Aunt Margaret.  But, I kept looking out the door at the gorgeous sunshine knowing winter is just around the corner.  About 3pm we decided to take a drive up the Boulder.  Perfect day for it, I packed a little picnic snack, we loaded Emmi into the Jeep and we were off.  It is just after 7pm and we are just getting home.  The Boulder road becomes gravel/rock/pothole after pothole just a few miles above us so the driving is slow going but the scenery makes up for it.  I was hoping to see an elk, or a bear, or a moose but all we saw were deer and wild turkeys. 

Up The Boulder Up the Boulder

Soundly sleeping 16 months A sacked out Emmi

Life is good, my dear husband is feeling so much better and I am so thankful that is so. 


  1. looks like picture perfect day in your world!!

  2. Great looking cookies - and quilt too!

  3. Hey, Janna! I want to share with someone who knows both of my worlds (RVing and quilting) - I just got a Singer 99K hand crank machine. Now I can sew when we're boondocking and using campgrounds that don't have hookups. I posted a pic on my blog.

  4. Hi Janna, the quilts are BEAUTIFUL! Oh how I wish I knew how to make a quilt. I have my grandmother's handstitched quilts and just am amazed at the amount of tiny stitches it took to make. The cookies look delicious! Enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.


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