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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love to cook—in a former life I thought about opening a catering business or a restaurant but don’t think I want to work that hard now.  My neighbor and friend Shirley subscribes to a ton of magazines while I only subscribe to one but we trade magazines back and forth.  Shirley subscribes to Southern Living and because I am originally from the south, I find tons of great recipes in that one!  Today I made Chicken Tetrazzini with real Mornay sauce—it was wonderful and Michael even liked it—he doesn’t do chicken very well, prefers beef.  I cut out some of the fat by using skim milk instead of whole and olive oil in place of some of the butter.  But, the problem with trading magazines back and forth is I will be reading about some great recipe, the article will say turn to page such and such for the recipe and I will go to find the recipe and someone—I won’t name names—has ripped out the recipe!  Guess what we will be having the next time we go to George and Shirley’s!!

Michael changed out the tires on the Jeep today—when we sold the blown transmission Explorer it had new tires and we sold it without those new tires.  The ones on the Jeep were just OK so Michael decided to get some use out of the newer tires.

I quilted a table runner today and am getting started on my friend Caryl’s beautiful small quilt—it is going to be all custom so in spite of being small it may take me a while. 

We are off to Billings tomorrow for one more test before surgery on Monday.  Emmi is staying with Nat.

Facebook is a wonderful thing (sometimes)—I have reconnected with another friend from the past, Ina—she and I went to nursing school together in Arkansas many moons ago.  My grandmother made Ina a baby quilt when her daughter Lindsey was born—that was 29 years ago!  It has probably been close to 15-16 years since we spoke.  I phoned Ina today and we had a great time talking and talking.  She and her husband live in Virginia near Washington D. C.

No photos tonight, I keep getting a Live Writer error message. 


  1. I noticed that Blogger wasn't going to upload photos for awhile this evening so your problem may have been with Blogger and not LiveWriter.

  2. I also love to cook, but just can't get so enthused with only one to cook for. :(

  3. Would you mind posting the recipe for your Chicken Tetrazzini for us ??? It sounds like something I used to cook but lost the recipe for and since that was over 20 years ago I cannot even remember it. We love chicken.

  4. Glad ya got new rubber on the Jeep, and something you already had on hand. Kewl!

    Good luck on the surgery on Monday, please keep us informed here on the blog, we will be waiting!

    Karen and Steve
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