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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Multiple Blog Postings

Barbara from Me and My Dog has been concerned about her blog reposting multiple times after she reads it, corrects a misspelled word or adds a line then hits publish again.  A reader had complained that she was getting multiple emails stating “there is a new blog”  when there actually was only a corrected one.

Someone correct me here if I am way off base but—we all can correct our blogs in Live Writer by retrieving the blog, correcting it and then re-publishing it.  That does not mean there is another copy of the blog out there in cyberspace.

But what it does mean is that if a reader has subscribed or is a follower and has set their setting to be notified each time a new blog is posted, that reader will get an email when a blogger posts a new or corrected blog.  It is up to the reader to change their settings, I have all mine set to “do not notify me when a new blog is posted.” for each blog I subscribe to. 

Hope this helps and /or hope I am correct.

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