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Thursday, October 7, 2010

On The Right Track

Words cannot express our thanks to all our friends and all our as of yet not met blogging friends who have sent well wishes and prayers for Michael. 

We woke this morning after a restless night and got ourselves in gear—we needed to move the big ole motorhome before the parking lot filled all around us with the cars and trucks of the hospital worker bees.  About 6am we were rolling and headed to Cabela’s again, parked, drank coffee, surfed the internet, showered and then headed off for Michael’s next doctor’s appointment, a new internist.

The good news is that Michael really, really liked this internist—Michael is quite anti-doctor—it was great to see that he liked this guy.  And Dr. Swift is pretty much on track with the urologist—the swelling and pain in his wrists was caused by the huge bladder infection.  The infection brought on a condition called calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate deposition disease—are you impressed yet??  Lay terms—pseudo gout.  Michael has two new prescriptions to take (poor guy, for someone who never takes pills, he has taken more pills the last two months than in his entire lifetime!  Blood was drawn and EKG done in preparation for the surgery later this month.  So, we feel much more positive today—we are on the right track—we will see what next week brings.

We arrived home about 2pm, I made a homemade pizza and we got to work.  Michael dumped the tanks, refilled the fresh water tank and washed the yuk off the Jeep from where he ran over an all ready dead raccoon on the way home, YUK!  I cleaned the motorhome and house and brought a few things inside which we will need tonight for tomorrow we are off to Livingston so I can participate in my quilt guild’s quilt show.  I am in charge of concessions and we decided to take the motorhome over as it is a three day show and an almost 60 mile one way trip from home.  Michael and Emmi are going with me.  We can’t ever say life is boring around here can we??

And speaking of not being boring—Mike and Emmi had quite the scare a few minutes ago—they were walking along our trail, heard a huge noise and not three feet in front of Michael a bear went up a tree.  Emmi took off—she wasn’t sticking around to get eaten by a bear!  Michael hollered at Emmi to come back but she wasn’t having any part of that bear.  Michael started walking backward away from the bear, the bear came down the tree and took off—finally Emmi came back, too.  YIKES!

Congratulations to our special Arkansas friends, Bradley, Kerri and Harley—they welcomed new baby girl Tucker into their lives today—Mom and Tucker are doing well.  Kerri and Tucker Notice Kerri has her makeup on??—the woman just had major surgery (C-Section) and she has her makeup on—my kind of woman!


  1. What a whirlwind day you've had! Sounds like Michael will soon be feeling better (except for the surgery). And a bear three feet away? I'm with Emmi...I'm out of there. :)

  2. Thanks Guys! We are doing great. She is perfect and big sister is on cloud nine loving every minute.

    My momma told me when I was young if your going to start wearing makeup then don't ever leave home without it.

    Sending our love! Kerri

  3. I did not know a bladder infection could cause that much trouble. My best wishes are with both of you.

  4. Sending more hugs...wondering how this is going to impact your plans for AZ this winter?

  5. I'm glad Michael likes his new doctor. That's a big part of the battle. You're in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Hugs...........Pat

  6. We're glad you've gotten a diagnosis and treatment plan at last. And that Michael likes the doc - big plus! We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers every day.

    I'll bake you one of my point-friendly chocolate cakes this winter, and maybe Jim will do one of his not so point-friendly ones in the dutch oven. That will help make up for the missed one!

    Love and hugs!

  7. Glad that Michael is now on the right track with a diagnosis (wow, that is impressive) and a treatment plan.

    Enjoy the quilt show.


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