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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

White Again

The quilting group Christmas party was so much fun--a little sewing, lots of snacks and warm apple cider. We all brought 3 fat quarters (quilting fabric cut to half of a half yard) wrapped for the gift exchange. Then we did the stealing game--one person opens a gift and then the next person to open a gift can either steal the first present opened or chose another one from the gift table. It was fun, lots of laughs and everyone left with fabric they liked.

About two months ago, Lonn and LoraLee lost two of their dogs, both young cow dogs, McNabb crosses. Were they stolen?? Did the wolves or coyotes come in and entice the dogs away?? Did the dogs just decide to wander?? Who knows, but they were gone and Lonn and LoraLee were sad. No sign of the dogs--fliers were put up everywhere and all the vets and shelters were notified--until a week or so ago. A dog that looks like Jack and Gus had been spotted along the Boulder road by many people and on the way home from Big Timber last night I saw him and he looked like Jack. It was dark of course but the dog I saw had a big white blaze on his chest. I slammed on the brakes and turned the engine off, got out of the car and called and called but he wouldn't come to me and I couldn't see him in the dark. Lonn was going to go back today and look for this dog.

We woke to snow, lots of snow and cold again today and we were off to Billings with Nat for his MOHS procedure. Nat called early and wanted to cancel the appointment but I nixed that idea! Michael decided to go with us as the roads were terrible. It took us about 45 minutes longer than usual to arrive in Billings.

Dr. Wentzel at the Billings Clinic has done his best to convince me of the time intensiveness of the MOHS procedure. I am convinced that it is the best and safest procedure for removal of basal and squamous cell skin cancers but I still stand by my blog To The Doctor written back in November. I also understand that Dr. Wentzel is one of only two physicians here in Montana qualified to perform the MOHS procedure--he is extremely busy. Time intensive this procedure may be but the physician's day is still over scheduled with too many procedures! With that said, we arrived at about 11am for our 11am appointment but Nat wasn't called back to an exam room until 11:30. We were walking out before 2pm! This skin cancer was not as invasive as the previous one and Dr. Wentzel was able to resect the lesion with only one procedure! Nat was very happy!

Our little outside Christmas tree this evening, the skies are clearing and it is forecast to be very cold tonight as in below zero!
The rising moon tonight.
Emmi went along today and was such a good girl, we ran a few errands while Nat was occupied, Costco, Cabela's, etc. We are home, tucked in by the fire and planning our escape from the frozen north, maybe we will leave here on Monday, Dec. 28.
Oh, we hit ANOTHER deer tonight on the way home! I've never hit a deer in my years of driving and up until the one we hit on Labor Day this year, Michael had only hit one other deer in his life. Mike was a teenager when he hit that one--I think the Explorer is jinxed!


  1. Nice placement of the outside Christmas tree in the photo.

  2. I hope they find their dogs. I have a friend that lost her dogs, when Tucson Az had one of it's bad lighting storms. She did find them, one about 2 weeks after the storm a Lady who had see the flyer found one of her dogs at a Circle K store. The other one who had been spotted several time was found by his owner (Dad who was on his way to work) on the other side of the interstate Hwy.about 6 months later. I had a cat that was gone for over 2 years. She just walked up one winter night and asked to come in. So don't give up hope.


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