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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Marathon Billings Day

20 degrees when we got up and before we headed down the driveway at 8am, it was 31 degrees. Of course the wind is blowing but it feels positively balmy after the sub zero stuff we have had lately!

Off for a huge Billings day. We left Emmi at Nat's and arrived in Billings around 10am. First stop was to pick up Michael's boots which had been left for repair over 3 weeks ago--he was so glad to have those boots on his feet again! Then on to Northwest Glass where Mike ordered some glass for another set of fireplace doors he is building.

Next stop, Big R, a western/ranch store where we did some Christmas shopping and I found 2 pair of jeans that actually fit!!! Our granddaughter Kristen will be so happy on Christmas!

Petsmart, Office Depot and Famous Footwear, all before lunch!!! Are you tired yet Angie?? We took a break for lunch at CJ's, a much needed break. After lunch I made a quick stop at JoAnn's before Mike dropped me off to get my hair cut while he shopped Harbor Freight. After the hair cut it was Target, Costco and Wal Mart. No more stops after that because the car was full!

A stop at Nat's to pick up Emmi who had a great day with Granddad and then finally home. Michael decided to fire up the skidsteer and plow the snow away from the doorway so we didn't have to wade snow to get the car unloaded--it helped immensely.

We are now relaxing and enjoying some of the delicious grapefruit we bought at Costco.

OK, Al, Kelly, Ellie, Jim, anybody--somebody talk me out of getting another dog. We are thinking of getting Emmi a companion--we have found another litter of mini-schnauzers who are four months old--just two months younger than Emmi. I spoke with the breeder today and we may go look at them this week and you know what happens when you just go look????


  1. We have so many animals that we can't go anywhere for more then a week end. We have a pot belly pig that will eat anything in sight. We found an automatic feeder. Before we could just go overnight. So I say think about it.

  2. uh oh... I don't know what to say, but.... I do feel it is more comforting for a pooch to have a companion, especially when Mom & Dad are away.
    Two of our guys are 70 lbs., so does seem a bit crowded in the motorhome at times but you sure wouldn't have that problem.
    Big decision though....


  3. My, you folks have been busy! So have I. I'm not getting to this blogging quite as regularly as I was. But, we're pretty much ready for Christmas. Looks like you have LOTS of snow. Merry Christmas to you.

  4. Hmmmmm, my crystal ball here sees the pitter patter of more little puppy paws coming into your life very soon:)) AL.


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