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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Safely Down The Hill

Couldn't find Emmi this morning, looked all around and finally found her in my chair--she is just learning to jump up on things--might not be such a good thing to have learned!

Emmi's first haircut still with the bald belly from her surgery.
Our driveway is 5/8ths of a mile long and in places very steep. Michael had been stewing about how we were going to get that motor home to the bottom of the hill. With the truck and 5th wheel we just chained up the truck and went down the hill but the motor home is a little different. The driveway had melted some yesterday and after we took our walk, he decided to try it--I followed in the Explorer to record the event and say prayers!
Off we go.
The steep part, so far so good.
Success--parked in front of the barn down near the county road. We will have to cart everything down there to the motor home in the Explorer and truck but at least it is safely down the driveway.
I didn't totally get a quilt loaded on the frame but did get some greeting cards made. Michael worked on the trailer today and made a disappointing discovery, the motorcycle won't fit in the trailer with the car. He isn't too disappointed, just a little.
Tonight we wrapped all our Christmas presents and put them back on the bed in the guest room, not under the tree. Miss Emmi decided that the three presents I had under the tree must be for her and decided to get a jump on Christmas by unwrapping them! She is into everything now--there isn't going to be a new puppy in our future right now--we came to our senses!!!

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  1. Oh how great to see that rig roll on down the hill and parked easily by the road. So much better than struggling and getting stuck in the deep snow. Smart move, Michael. When are you leaving for warmer climates?


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