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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After

Michael and I had a very nice Christmas morning relaxing, enjoying our coffee and opening presents, just the two of us and Emmi. We received from each other books, (I got a great Montana history of quilts book), vests, jackets and Adobe Photoshop. Miss Emmi got a new teddy bear and a beaver that squeaks--her favorite toy is still the duck!

About 2pm we headed into town to drop Emmi with Nat and then it was on to Steve and Jeane's. What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas Day celebration. Jeane outdid herself with the food and the company was awesome. Jeane's house looked spectacular--she is one of those kind of women with exquisite taste in decorating. Their house is a historic carriage house which at one time housed the horse drawn carriages--the glass windows are where the carriage doors were at one time. Jeane's husband Steve is a very gifted artist as is their son Reed. Their daughter Jordan always says she got left out of the talent pool! But Jordan is a great Mom to PJ.

The cooks, from the left--Jeane, Gemma, Jordan and Deb.
After dinner stuffed and waiting for dessert.
Jeane's table, beautiful.

The two resident dogs, Red and Gizmo the Corgi.
The Carriage House
The Carriage House with the Crazy Mountains in the background.

We had a wonderful time yesterday and the fun just continued today. That is after we both worked ourselves to death!! Michael went up the Boulder and installed a set of fireplace doors for Denny and Ellen. I packed, did laundry and quilted a small wall hanging so I could check out how the new table Michael made for the longarm would work. After all that we went to Lonnie and LoraLee's for steaks and crab legs--the crab legs were huge!! And oh, so good! I think we have feasted enough this season--the new jeans I bought aren't going to fit if I eat any more. After dinner we played a card game and then headed home with one tired little puppy who had played and played with all the other dogs.
It has been one of the best Christmas seasons ever and we are so thankful for our blessings!

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