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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Is Back

Winter is back with a vengeance today. When we got up it was snowing hard and continued to snow until about lunch time with six inches accumulating. And, it is cold, only 20 degrees all day!
No walk, snow is too deep for Emmi--she gets the snow built up on her legs and paws and just shivers.

So, I got an early start in the quilting studio today and was able to finish another quilt. One called Pandora's Box for a friend from town, the first of four I have to have finished before Christmas.

Michael started working on a Christmas present today and made great progress. Emmi ran back and forth between both our workrooms trying to get attention.

I've got to get started making cookies again to send to Laci in Iraq. The post office says if you want to make sure packages get to Iraq by Christmas, the boxes should be shipped by December 4. I have all Laci's Christmas presents bought so I should make that deadline.

Winter is back!
Pandora's Box Quilt

The rose design I put in all the blocks. Feathers on the borders.
Emmi in the snow.

We are off to Mark and Gemma's tonight--a get together to send Denny and Ellen off to the Philippines. They will be in the Philippines over Christmas and another month or two I think. Denny and Ellen help support a mission for deaf children there. Many people from their church here in Big Timber have been and Jeane is going in January.
Emmi will be home alone tonight--could be trouble!

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