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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Test Drive

Michael really wanted a cold morning to take the motor home for a test drive into Big Timber, it was about 30 degrees when we took off, not quite cold enough--he wanted to see if the air throttle would attempt to freeze up again. Things didn't go off totally without a hitch, when we went down to the barn to start the motor home, the engine batteries were dead. I came back to the house to quilt and Michael started trying to figure out why the batteries went dead and found a quick fix--off we went.

Made of couple of errand stops and then went to fill the motor home with diesel which has come down in price lately! Now, time for my rant--why in the world do gas stations put a $75 limit per tank??? That has to really make the truckers happy! I had one gas station tell me it was my credit card limit---nope--it is an American Express and has no limit. I know the limit is in place to lessen the station's losses when people drive off without paying for fuel but for goodness sakes, in this day and age, do they really think we can fill a 150 gallon diesel tank with $75???? To make matters worse, the wind was howling so bad that Michael couldn't keep his hat on! And it was cold!

Back home and back to quilting, I am gaining on that troublesome quilt and it is looking very nice. No more disasters today.

Off for the test drive.
The Crazy Mountains looked stormy today.
Emmi and her duck. Mark, Dortha, Jim and Ellie gave Emmi that duck while we were all in Glacier National Park this summer, it is probably her favorite toy and I need to do some repair work on the duck soon before his quacker falls out!

Michael hauled firewood and moved equipment around, putting the mini-excavator and Nat's tractor into the barn for the winter. Emmi and I spent the afternoon in the quilt studio.
We sure are a boring pair--we would much rather be at home by the fire, eating my cooking than going to town on a Saturday night--stayed at home on Friday night, too!
Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and leave the rest to God. (Quoted from the Traders Dispatch, Dec. 2009)

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  1. Emmi has just about outgrown her duck! Mr. BJ always loved his duck too, actually he went through about 3 of them!

    That darn $75 limit at the pump finally convinced me to just go in the station and pay, instead of fighting the pump.

    Glad the test drive went well and you're getting a slight break in the freezing weather!



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