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Friday, December 18, 2009


Some days it doesn't pay to try and start projects. Quilting a customer quilt, marked it with chalk as I lots of times do, misted it with water to remove the chalk and the red fabric bled all the way through the batting onto the backing, ARRRGGGGHHH!!! So spent two hours doing what quilters call "frogging" as in rip-it, rip-it taking out all the stitching I had done, removing the quilt from the frame, loading new backing and will start fresh in the morning, I'm too tired tonight!

We took two walks down to the country road today trying to get rid of some of Emmi's energy and some of our pounds! Emmi has definitely entered puppy adolescence--she is into everything and anything goes into her mouth!! But, we still love her, she is adorable!

Mike spent the day working on the trailer again, fixing the roof vent, etc.

This guy seems to like hanging out around here, hope he is catching some of the blasted mice. Steve, now that you are feeling better, what is this bird??

It was sunny today and about 40 degrees.

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