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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Visitor

We were sitting here by the fire tonight, Mike had gotten up to get a drink of water and Emmi woke--she immediately started growling and ran at the door leading to the deck barking loudly. Mike ran over and here is a photo of what had come to visit us tonight--isn't he beautiful--a bobcat on our deck, he was about 16 inches tall and just gorgeous. He didn't think too much of that little black dog on the inside of the house barking at him. We watched him run out over our bridge and up and over the deck rail in to the night.

I took the photo from inside the house through a window--not so bad! I was afraid the flash would be visible in the window but it wasn't--my little point and shoot camera just happened to be on the table right beside my chair. What an awesome gift!


  1. Great picture & just goes to show what can be done if you always have a camera close by......& a sharp eared little Emmi:))

  2. That is just too cool! We only get raccoons up on our deck--- Tell Emmi that is one BIIIGGG KITTY and to not mess with it. Ack!

  3. WOW what a great shot! Good thing Emmi was not outside.


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