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Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Road

After a nearly sleepless night--I was excited, Michael was worried about the motor home--we left home at 8:15am. Stopped in Big Timber to do some banking and took off. Dry roads all through Montana. Our original plans were to make it to Jackpot, NV for the night but when we exited I15 onto Hwy93 to go across Idaho to Nevada we quickly encountered icy highways. About 30 miles of that and we came to a cross roads that would take us back to the interstate and decided that was a wiser choice. This time of year there is something to be said for dry roads!

Dortha, recognize these mountains? These are the Grand Tetons visible as we drove back toward the interstate.

We are in Pocatello, ID for the night in the Cowboy RV Park where we have stayed many times. Boondocking was on our agenda but with temperatures forecast to be below 20 degrees we decided to stay here. It is a small, fairly quiet RV park except for the guy in the office who was concocting all kinds of stories to try and explain why he couldn't pay his back rent of $600! Al from the Bayfield Bunch blogs about his dislike of RV parks and when you have to pay $31 just for a spot to park for the night you can understand his dislike. He and Kelly are our inspiration for boondocking and we intend to try it lots this winter.

The old motor home traveled well today with no problems, YEA!!! Onward tomorrow.


  1. It must be great to finally be on the road. I hope you arrive in the warmer weather soon. Bon voyage !! I envy you :-)

  2. Have a safe trip. We had snow here today, in SE Arizona.


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