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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Feed Me

I was just sitting down with a cup of coffee to read all the blogs when I became aware that the birds were sure chattering. I looked outside and oh, no--their feeder was empty and it was 4 degrees below zero. So--I bundled up, put my boots on and went outside to feed them.

Emmi and I did get out for a walk down to the county road, about a mile round trip, just about right for days when you think you are going to freeze solid before you get back inside.

My friend Cheryl called this morning and we had a great chat--she told me I got more done in a day than anyone she has ever seen. I was raised by a man who not only held a full time job but on the weekends, his hobby was more work! I rarely sit down during the day--here's a list of what I had accomplished by noon today:
made 2 batches of spaghetti sauce
made a batch of bread dough
cooked chicken for Emmi treats
wrapped package for friends I am lodging with on Friday night in Livingston
put bread dough on to rise
took Emmi for a walk
did stretching exercises for my sore hip
made lunch for Michael & me
OK, I am tired and sitting down to write this blog!

Last night I got all our Christmas cards addressed and envelopes stuffed--it is Michael's job to seal the envelopes and put the stamps on.

I took this photo while out feeding the birds this morning--that white dot in the middle is the moon going down.
Tonight starts a busy couple of days for me--tonight is the Christmas party for the quilt guild in Livingston (58 miles one way). Tomorrow I have to be back in Livingston by 8am to help buy groceries. The Livingston Christmas Bazaar is Saturday and our quilt guild does the concessions to raise money for the guild. Saturday I have to be at the fairgrounds by 7am! So, I am staying with Gwen and Arch on Friday night to save one trip and to let me get a little more sleep. Blogs may be sparse this weekend!

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  1. By the time I finished reading your blog I had to go lay down & have a rest. I was worn out by the time I got to item four on your list.


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