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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Beyond Tired

I'm too tired tonight to find any photos to post on this blog, I promise to do better tomorrow. Thursday night I attended the Piece by Peace Quilt Guild Christmas party in Livingston, about 60 miles from home. It was held at a local restaurant and Marjean and I drove over together. The food was great and the gift exchange a lot of fun--you chose a gift, open it, then the next person can either steal your gift or chose a new one from the gift pile. Many of the gifts were homemade quilting type items and beautiful.

Friday morning it was back to Livingston early to meet Carol at the grocery store to finish up buying food items for the concessions the guild was to sell at the Livingston Christmas Bazaar on Saturday. Carol and I worked very hard all day until after 4pm cooking and getting things ready --several of the other guild members came in the afternoon to help with the prep work.

Our dear friends Gwen and Arch live in Livingston and had graciously agreed to have me as a guest last night. When I arrived Gwen was still at work in her home office so Arch and I poured glasses of wine and poured ourselves into comfortable chairs where we stayed for the next hour. Their new dog, a schnoodle (giant schnauzer/standard poodle) kept coming by to visit--Gerta is 11 months old and the size of small horse! When Gwen was finished working (she sells high end real estate) Arch ordered pizza and we enjoyed pizza and each others company. I poured myself into bed and slept like a rock until Gerta told the household she wanted out of her crate at about 5:20! But, it was time for me to get up and get at it again.

At the fairgrounds by 7:20 and the fun began. Our menu consisted of taco salads, bar-b-que beef on a bun, hot dogs and homemade pies. Members of the guild came in shifts all day to help Carol and me and we stayed constantly busy--lunch time was exceptionally busy--we could have used a couple more people but we managed. I learned such skills as how to change the tanks on a pop machine! And those tanks are heavy! We all worked very hard all day getting out of there by just a little after 4pm. My feet and legs feel as if they weigh a ton.

The Christmas Bazaar was an interesting mix of homemade and commercial items. I purchased a few presents and people watched. There were lots of people there and 90 vendors many whom remarked that people weren't buying much. A family kept everyone entertained with their Christmas songs--beautiful voices!

I am so tired I can't put one foot in front of the other--I may have to crawl to bed!

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