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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Did I Do Today

Do you ever have days where at the end you wonder--"did I get anything accomplished today?" When I sat down to write this blog I had to really think about my day.

Emmi had me up at 3am--she thought the big bad wolf was after her I think, growling, snorting and short little barks. This went on for close to an hour before I finally could ignore her and go back to sleep.

I started the day out by scurrying around to finish packing the last Christmas box being shipped to Laci in Iraq. I took the package out to the McLeod post office where Judy and Shiela were working today. Judy, the post mistress and her husband Vic own the buildings in the tiny little spot of McLeod, the post office building seen in this photo
their home which used to be a general store when Michael was a child and various other buildings and cabins which they rent out in the summer time. When Michael was a child and teenager there was a natural hot springs swimming pool at McLeod. There is also a two room school house still in operation, grades K through 8th--the number of children attending varies from year to year. Michael attended school there as did our granddaughters.

Laundry and bathing Emmi took up some time this morning as did making lunch. I also made a batch of chex party mix. After lunch I gave Emmi her first hair cut--she doesn't look like our little Emmi now, she looks like a schnauzer and she behaved very, very well. Michael got the driveway plowed this morning all the way to the road so Emmi and I took a walk.

I took this photo of the East Boulder River on my way back from the post office.
Michael and I both started packing the motor home today--it's a start for sure. We can't load much--nothing that would freeze and break the container or ruin. We are hoping the weather holds and we can then move the motor home down our steep driveway and leave it parked in front of the barn we are renting from Joe and Tammy. It will be a hassle to load the rig with it way down there but safer in the long run if we don't have to drive it down a snowy, icy driveway.
So, I guess I did get some things done today, just didn't feel like much.

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