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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weather For Quilting

OK, we are getting a little tired of this weather! Minus 22 degrees this morning and we never got above minus 10 degrees all day. Miserable! Emmi wants to go for a walk so bad and when we get out there the snow balls up in her paws and she just can't go so back to the house we go. Our firewood stack is diminishing rapidly.

So, I quilted all day today in between loads of laundry. This is another Mumbo Gumbo quilt where none of the piecing matches up--belongs to my Aunt Marg's friend Marti in Arkansas. I decided to do a pantograph on this quilt. For you non-quilters, that is a pattern that the quilter follows with a laser light. This pantograph is dragonflies and leaf clusters--it turned out beautifully.
A close up of one of the dragonflies.
The back of the quilt showing the pattern well.

Michael spent the day putting up insulation and wafer board. We had never insulated the concrete walls in part of the basement and since the weather is so bad, he decided it would be a good project. Hope it helps!

Now if this picture doesn't make you cold, I don't know what will. Our thermometer yesterday morning!
Emmi is much better today, wants to play and isn't as restless, is eating and drinking. We went for a short walk this afternoon and I took this photo on the way back up the hill.

It was beautiful today in spite of being so cold.


  1. Whether you realize it or do have an eye for compostion in your photos:))

  2. What a beautiful quilt. It shows what I like about quilting. Meaning anyting goes and in the end it turns out to be something wonderful.

  3. WOW that is cold! Good for staying indoors and work on that beautiful quilt thought :-)


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