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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Valley Of Fire

There cannot possibly be any Canadians left in British Columbia or Alberta! They all passed us on the freeway yesterday heading south and most of them own or rent homes because they were traveling in cars. We should have counted them!

The roads through Salt Lake City

Me driving!!!

We hit Salt Lake City about 9:30 and encountered the usual heavy, heavy traffic but we also got snow and slick roads. Very slick roads. We saw car after car in the ditch—no bad accidents, just looked as if they lost control and spun off into the ditch or median. I drove for about an hour and let me tell you, maneuvering a rig this size on icy roads makes you pay attention! The icy roads and snow continued until just outside Cedar City then we hit sunny skies and warmer temps.

Our plan was to stay in Mesquite, NV for the night at one of the casino campgrounds—NOT! The only campground left in Mesquite is made for rigs the size of truck campers! The pull throughs held rigs about 20 feet long! So onward again and it is getting late!

We remembered a nice RV park in Overton, NV and headed there—NOT—they were full. It is now dark and we are still looking—onward again. To Valley of Fire State Park about 20 miles from Overton. What a spectacular spot! Reminds me of Sedona—huge red rocks and no lights—the moon was beautiful last night, Emmi and I walked and walked while Michael was getting us situated—this state park has electric and water hookups, with two dump stations. (So tell me why was the guy with a million kids running his grey water across the road last night when Emmi and I were out walking???)

Poor Michael spent about 2 hours trying to get our hot water tank going—this motor home does not have the traditional RV hot water tank—ours operates only on propane not both electric and propane. Somehow in spite of the fact that Mike had winterized the rig the hot water tank had frozen water in the bottom—after 2 hours with him fidgeting and running an electric heater in front of the hot water tank we had hot water. YEA—we both wanted a shower really bad!
The only disadvantages to this park are the price--$24 per night and no Verizon service. I can use the cellphone but can’t get enough of a signal to use the Verizon air card. But, not a problem, we are filling up with water this morning and heading just back up the road to a fabulous boondocking spot. And we are pretty sure the Verizon aircard will work there.

Red rocks in Valley of Fire State Park

The view
Our view out the front windshield of the motor home.
We climbed up on the rocks above the motor home and took this photo--that's us in the foreground of this photo.

Well, we've had a wild hair--friends Rick and Judy (the ones we were meeting in the Quartzsite area) called and they want to spend New Year's Eve in Las Vegas--so, we have a reservation for tomorrow night at Sam's Town--are we crazy or what???


  1. Hope we can meet us at Q - looks like we might be parking with the Boomers but not positive. Keep in to see you both again and have you meet Stu.

  2. Beautiful place you are at!! We used to stay at Stewarts Point for a couple of weeks each year. I really liked it there.

  3. We have heard that Valley of Fire is a really scenic place. Glad you made it through the nasty stuff. Let the good times roll:)) Don't think we'll make it to Quartzite this year which I'm quite happy about. Been there 3 years in a row & that's enough!!


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