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Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Are We Here

24 degrees below zero early this morning and it never got above about 5 degrees below zero all day. The forecasters are predicting a possible 30 below tonight. The sun shone all day but without any warmth! At least the wind is not blowing! It has been a long time since we have had temps this chilly.

I took Emmi to the veterinarian early this morning to be spayed. We picked her up at 2pm and she quickly informed us of how woeful her day had been. She is doing OK, restless, up and down but sleeps for periods of time, too. Poor baby!

We ran a few errands in town, too, picking up some lumber and insulation to try and winterize some of our basement walls.

These are some photos I took going back and forth between town and home today.

Geese trying to decide whether to brave that cold water or not.

The rivers are freezing quickly.

A Big Timber street.
The cold Boulder valley.

Sure wish I was in Arizona!


  1. We got some mighty big rootin tootin Arizona winds going on right now & have had to pull our slides in. Temp is 55F but colder with all the wind. I think the weather is mainly kind of bad everywhere right now. Glad we're not in Montana though!! I'd have to have 3 sets of long underwear on for sure!!

  2. Well, one thing's for sure - once you get to Arizona it will seem pretty darn warm, no matter how cold others think it is! (San Diego had a record amount of rain today).

    Hope Emmi is doing okay, too.


  3. And here I was complaining about our weather in Southern Arizona. SORRY :) I'll find out for sure how much the tickets on the Butterfly Quilt are and let you know. I think it is all hand quilted.


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