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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Red Lodge, MT

Jane and Rich, Michael and I
It's baccccckkkkk!!! See the temp on the Explorer computer---yes, minus six degrees, again. But we got no snow--Big Timber had about 2 inches of new snow when we dropped Emmi off at Nat's to spend the day.
When I moved from Houston, TX to Powell, WY in 1992, I had major culture shock. No dry cleaners, no chain restaurants, very small town from a city of over 3 million to a state that had less than 500,000 residents. When my husband at the time decided he hated Wyoming and wanted to go back to Houston, I decided to stay. I was the Director of Nursing for the small hospital with 40 beds and one of my nurses, Jane and I became the closest of friends. She and her husband Rich made me part of their family--their children Elizabeth Jane and Jonathan were such a joy! When I married Michael in 1994 and left Powell, Jane and I felt as if we had been split in two. Although we have not kept in touch as we should have, when we do meet it is as if we were never apart--it is that kind of friendship. Michael also adores both Rich and Jane. Today we drove to Red Lodge, MT for brunch with Jane and Rich. We had a great time visiting and catching up. I truly adore Jane and Rich, they are what friends are made of!

The scene on the way to Red Lodge, about a 2 hour drive from our home--frosty!
The entrance to Old Piney Dell where we met for brunch.

The lobby.

Mike and Rich, who by the way got us a "senior" discount for brunch!

Downtown Red Lodge.

The historic Pollard Hotel in downtown Red Lodge.

It was a great day. When we got home I went to Nancy and Geoff's, (Michael decided to stay home with Emmi) to join Jill, Terry and Jeane for stew, homemade bread, salad and great wine. Another wonderful evening with great friends.

When I got in the Explorer to come home it was minus 3 degrees and snowing hard--Arizona is definitely calling me!

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