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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tree Down

We both got up this morning feeling much better and took a long walk with Jazz taking note of all the new bear poop filled with chokecherry seeds and wondering if Mr. Bear is hiding in the bushes watching us walk by!! We saw some tracks in the mud, too.

For the last few days, the wind has been ferocious at times. This afternoon I went outside to water my plants on the deck and noticed a HUGE tree in the creek--all of a sudden I realized it was the tree that used to stand at the west end of our deck--it was an aspen tree and had died and we were going to cut it down before we left this fall. The wind took care of it and thank God it blew it away from the house and deck!! We are not sure just exactly when it fell.

The wind blew today and it is predicted that we will get close to an inch of rain tonight, that would be nice, it is very dry here. And the cooler weather is great, too, I guess I am ready for fall.

I managed to get a fake quilt (old sheets with batting between them) loaded onto my new quilting machine and I actually got it to quilt this afternoon. It is wonderful and I am so excited! There is definitely a learning curve--making swirls and circles instead of square corners is harder than it looks!

Nat came up for lunch and I fixed one of his favorite casseroles. He loves to come up here and the Senior Center does not serve meals on weekends or holidays so I thought I better feed him.

This evening while cooking supper, two little birds flew into our windows right at the same time, just whap! Both of them were lying on the deck and I picked them up and put them on the deck railing--later I went out and gave them an encouraging push and they both flew off--success!

Storm clouds over the Crazy Mountains
This photo shows the tree in the creek, it is taken looking down from our deck--it doesn't really do justice to how big this tree is!! It is probably 2 feet in diameter.
This is Nat and Jazz's ritual--he drives up she goes out and they both sit on the rock together.


  1. Wow, what a blessing the tree didn't fall on your deck or house! I'm glad you all are feeling better, too!

    Sounds like you are having fun with your new machine, can't wait to see some more of your beautiful work.

    Take care,

  2. Found your blog looking for log cabins for up at the farm. Nice to see ya'll have such a great life. Oh happy early birthday! hope things are all well on barnes hill. Mcculloch8954@yahoo


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