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Friday, August 8, 2008

Dog Beds and Family

We started the morning off with a long walk then Michael got busy arranging stuff in his new garage--it doesn't have doors or tin on the roof but he has moved in! I started sewing on the Jazzy dog's new bed but didn't have time to get it completed.

I made us lunch then I headed in to Big Timber. I stopped at the quilt store to pick up a couple things I needed, made a stop at the library to exchange some books and picked up a few groceries.

Then I attended the funeral of one of our elderly neighbors, Barney who has resided in the nursing home in town for the last 2-3 years. Barney was 92 and was born here in Big Timber, MT. He and his wife had a good sized ranch just up the road from us. Several of the older couples that have lived here on the East Boulder River never had children, Barney and his wife Maxine were one of those couples. Barney was a good story teller and was always ready to stop and visit. He was legendary around here for being extremely frugal. His wife Maxine loved to visit and go to town (remember, town for them would be over 25 miles away) and Barney limited her trips to town to once a month!!!!

Michael's daughter Shannen, her husband Mark and their daughter Kristen came this evening to get another load of hay and stayed and had hamburgers on the grill with us. We had a great visit and then we rested--I am feeling much better today, the new medication is working! Hallelujah!

I have been lazy about picture taking lately--I'll do better!

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