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Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Different Day

A beautiful almost fall kind of day here in Montana, 38 degrees when we got up. We had coffee, breakfast and then a walk. We halfheartedly talked about going to Big Timber and doing garage sales and the farmer's market but talked ourselves out of it. Sometimes it is just good to stay home.

We are and have been experiencing frustrating issues with our Hughes satellite internet system. I have spent hours on the phone with them the last couple of days and evenings. Other friends and family that have Hughes have also been having problems. But, like any major corporation, you get the runaround. I think we have about decided to put our Hughes satellite on vacation until time to travel again and go back to our telephone company's DSL service. Michael has in the past installed satellite systems for other people as a sideline job so is well acquainted with how they work--thank goodness. It is amazing how we have come to depend on this connection!

Almost ripe chokecherries. All the native growing chokecherry trees are just loaded with berries this year and we are starting to see little piles of bear poop with chokecherry seeds--hope we actually get to see the bears this year! Chokecherries are a major source of food for the black bears this time of year while they are getting ready for hibernation.

A photo of my Lone Star quilt top.
Happy Saturday!

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