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Friday, August 22, 2008

Sixty Degrees

Fall is definitely in the air although the weather people are predicting temperatures in the 90's by Monday again. It only reached a temperature of about 62 degrees today and the wind blew all day.

We took a nice long walk today and saw signs that the bears are starting to eat the chokecherries. It seems as if the berries are ripening about 2 weeks earlier than usual this year. All our trees are just loaded with chokecherries so we should see some bears this fall.

Michael left just after lunch and went over to his son's to work a while, hoping to finish today and bring the equipment home. I took the afternoon off and quilted. I finished the top of the Easy and Elegant Lone Star quilt I am making for our king size bed--I am so pleased with how it turned out--it is gorgeous. I will post photos soon.

I researched a few more longarm quilt machine websites and I seem to get more and more confused as I go. It may be better if I wait until I am in Arizona this year, attend one of the larger sewing festivals and try out all the machines and talk to their representatives.

It was a beautiful Montana day.

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