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Monday, August 18, 2008

Quilting Machine Search

This was one of our warmer Montana days--98 degrees in Billings where we were today. Both of us had a restless night (Jazz slept well) and we didn't get up very early this morning. We took our walk and had a wild idea to go to Billings today. I say wild idea because I have to go to Billings the next three days (105 miles one way) to take Nat down for his cataract surgery. We see the doctor tomorrow, have the surgery on Wednesday and then go back on Thursday to make sure everything is OK and to get the patch off. Nat wants to come home each day and does not like to stay in motels.

I have gotten this crazy idea that I want to buy a longarm quilting machine. I would love to do my own quilting and I could also make extra money doing quilting for others. Having spent hours researching on the internet, we decided to go to Billings today and check out the models sold by the quilt stores there. Now I am really confused!!

It was a great day just being together and leisurely visiting the quilt stores. Michael had a couple of things to return to various stores so we got that accomplished, too. Then we headed home to check on the Jazzy dog who had a wonderful day napping as usual!

This is a snow fence located alongside the road somewhere in Wyoming. It went on for miles and miles. As my friend Ellie says, "I hope I am far, far away before I see the white stuff that necessitates one of these."

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