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Monday, September 1, 2008

Fire in the Fireplace

BRRR! Only 40 degrees all day today and we have a fire in the fireplace this afternoon. It started raining yesterday afternoon late and I think it rained most of the night, we needed the rain! Maybe it will drown some of those pesky grasshoppers we have accumulated during this hot, dry season.

I finally got all the stuff we moved put away and my sewing room all straightened. Cleaned out the gutter on the deck, it was overflowing at the downspout and making a very annoying drip, drip all night.

Michael worked on an old welder he is trying to re-make and I practiced my quilting. It is hard to not have square corners on my circles! I talked to my Aunt Margaret in Arkansas this morning, she is an exquisite quilter, and she is sending me some patchwork type quilts for practice. I have to develop a lot more skill before I will attempt to quilt her nicer quilts!

The Jazzy dog has been a bum all day as she is allergic to rain!

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