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Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving Day

We had a wonderful time at the home of friends, MaryLou and Henry last night. Jim and Kathy and Claire and Robyn were also guests so it was an evening of good conversation and outstanding food. MaryLou had "borrowed" the chef of a friend and he prepared a first class meal and Henry always serves the best of wines.

It was a very warm day again but we got out for our walk early. Michael then headed over to Lonn's to begin developing a spring for cattle watering. I began the big move--UGH--it has been a long time since we have had to move! Everything in my current sewing room has to come out before we can get anything from the storage room in. I started with this big huge wall size bookcase--I didn't know we had so many books! I sorted and discarded and still ended up with a bunch of books. By late afternoon, I had made some progress and the room is starting to look emptier.

I made baby back ribs for dinner tonight--my Kansas City friend Kelly's recipe. They turned out perfectly and were delicious! We ate late because Michael didn't get home from Lonn's until almost 7pm.

Jazz finds this same spot every morning and rolls and rolls, kicks and grunts--she is one happy dog!
This is smoke visible this morning probably from a fire at Townsend, MT, you could even smell smoke a little, too. Late this afternoon I got the grass mowed and weed whacked and the floors vacuumed--I am pooped, I think I hear my bed calling me!

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