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Friday, August 22, 2008

A Very Long Week

Fall is in the air this morning. We received 0.3 inches of rain last night and it is a cool 40 degrees this morning. When I went out to look at the rain gauge, I scared a baby rabbit and he hopped across the deck. It is so unusual for us to get any rain this time of year--we are happy!

Nat's surgery was successful--yesterday we took him down to get the patch removed--Michael went with us and they dropped me by the quilt store so I could do some more research. We had lunch and headed back to Big Timber. We are scheduled to have the other cataract done the first week of September.

The HandyQuilter expert was in the quilt store yesterday and I learned a lot. Now I just have to decided exactly which way I want to go and then find a machine--I would love to buy used to start with.

Verizon has been sending me text messages and voice messages for months--my contract with Verizon expired a while back and they sure don't want to lose me to another company--so they are offering me free phones and free other stuff. So, I suckered yesterday and got a new cellphone--it is smaller and much lighter weight than the old one so I am happy.

I am glad today is Friday of a very long week!!

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