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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Sewing Day

Another beautiful morning in Montana. We, as in Michael and I and many of our friends, keep saying that it has been a beautiful, "normal" summer here. When I first came to Montana we had summers in which it was rare to see 90 degrees and hardly ever did we get over 100. The temperature always cooled down significantly at night making the need for air conditioning nonexistent. Then the drought came and we had weeks of 90+ degrees and forest fires for several years. Summer 2008 is quickly drawing to a close around here, the birds seem to be stuffing themselves for winter migration, the chokecherries are getting ripe and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. We like this kind of summer!

I decided when I got up this morning that since I felt so lousy, I would just treat myself and work on a sewing project all day which I did. I purchased fabric last fall for a quilt for our king size bed and I started on that project today. Because of the size of the pattern pieces, the quilt goes together very quickly and by the end of the day I was able to see what it would look like when finished--it is going to be gorgeous!

In the late afternoon, we rode the motorcycle in to town for a light supper. My mouth ulcers feel better when I eat things cold so a chocolate shake was on my menu and it did help. I have appointments with two doctors tomorrow in Billings trying to figure out what is causing these mouth and hand ulcers--lets hope they have the answers!

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